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Healthcare Security: Going Beyond Compliance
Healthcare Security: Going Beyond Compliance

With the advent of technology in personal healthcare - Internet-connected glucose monitors, intravenous blood pressure monitoring, personal 'best friend' emotional bots - there is a lot of highly sensitive data that is rampantly traversing the airwaves. And the impact of this data getting in the wrong hands is just starting to be felt (imagine the Equifax of healthcare getting breached). It's important to consider the 'Defenders' - ones that already have a lot of legacy equipment, decades worth of medical records and are just starting to go digital AND the 'Disruptors' - the new age startups upending the status-quo using (you guessed it) AI. These two worlds are starting to collide.

This webinar will reveal how and why this collision is happening and the untapped potential for medical providers who go beyond just checking the box for HIPAA (and other regulations) and start investing in and advertising the 'security' they provide to their customers.

Register for this session to learn how to:

  • Take inventory of medical device security risks within your own four walls - you may be surprised by what you see;
  • Win over 'security savvy' customers with transparency, integrity and empowerment;
  • Influence vendors to provide a cost-effective yet robust solution to medical facilities and providers that go beyond the regulatory framework and instead make the environment secure for them and their customers.

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