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Fraud Investigation Life-Cycle: From Forensics to Working w/ Law Enforcement

Fraud Investigation Life-Cycle: From Forensics to Working w/ Law Enforcement

Fraud Summit - San Francisco 2014 - In the U.S., the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service have played critical roles in investigating financial fraud cases, tracking down the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. Yet, within many private sector organizations there remain questions about when and how to consult law enforcement. Register for this session to learn:

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  • What is law enforcement's role in a fraud investigation?
  • When should you engage the agencies?
  • How can you participate in an investigation without compromising your own confidential information?


In the war on cyber crime, the FBI and Secret Service are working with private-sector partners and racking up significant wins. Among their recent successes: Prosecutions related to DDoS attacks, account takeover schemes and ATM cash-out scams.

Most recently, the FBI and numerous global partners took part in a coordinated operation to disrupt the botnet used to spread the malware known as Gameover Zeus and seize computer servers crucial to the ransomware known as CryptoLocker.

But when is it appropriate for a defrauded organization to bring in law enforcement? What distinct roles do each of the players have in a fraud investigation?

In this exclusive session recorded at the 2014 San Francisco Fraud Summit, agents from the FBI and Secret Service explain their roles and join Rob Zerby of Wells Fargo to answer common questions about fraud investigations. Among the topics they discuss:

  • Today's fraud threat landscape - the hottest schemes;
  • Case studies of crimes investigated by the FBI and Secret Service;
  • Fraud investigation lifecycle from the perspective of a large bank.

ISMG's Fraud Summits are one-day events focused exclusively on the top fraud trends impacting organizations and the mitigation strategies to overcome those challenges.

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