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A New Look at Email Security

Lastline's Burke Long on How to Improve Detection of Malicious Payloads
A New Look at Email Security
Burke Long, Lastline

File-less malware is a huge security challenge for organizations today, and traditional email security controls aren't sufficient to meet the challenge. Burke Long of Lastline offers insight on a new way to approach email security.

The big issue is: The malicious payloads shift so much, says Long, senior sales engineer at Lastline.

"It's really easy to do 100 variants of the same [malicious] document," Long says. "You're using the same code, the same document, but you're putting 100 different random characters that aren't even visible in the document. It's super easy to create these, and if you're relying on signatures, you're going to have to wait for every one of the 100 to catch a signature."

In an interview about improving email security, Long discusses:

  • How malicious attachments are infecting organizations;
  • Why traditional defenses fail to detect these payloads;
  • How to respond when infections do penetrate defenses.

Long is a senior sales engineer at Lastline.

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