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As Cybersecurity Threat Grows, So Too Does the Need for MSSPs

MSSP Growth is Fueled by Need
As Cybersecurity Threat Grows, So Too Does the Need for MSSPs

Organizations of all sizes are struggling to keep up with the increasingly complex and evolving cybersecurity landscape. Threat actors aren’t just hunting large corporations, they’re aggressively targeting small and midsize businesses, too. The effort and cost involved in staying safe in this environment is driving many organizations to work with IT and managed security service providers (MSSPs). In this post, I’d like to quickly explore some key reasons for the growth of MSSPs and offer some guidance on how to select one for your business.

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With the rise in remote and hybrid work, many organizations have a significantly increased attack surface. But this rise in complexity and number of attacks is just the tipping point. MSSP growth is also being fueled by the need for:

  • More technical and security expertise – Keeping up with current threats is a full-time job that requires deep expertise at the intersection of pure technical skills applied to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals are hard to find right now, especially for small to mid-size organizations. MSSPs are an effective way to fill that void.
  • Improved operational efficiency – For many organizations, the cost of buying, managing and continuously updating a complete cybersecurity infrastructure can be prohibitive. Working with an MSSP can help organizations improve security on an “as a service” subscription basis, reducing both CAPEX and the overall operating cost of security.
  • Increased flexibility – As organizations grow and the threats change, so do their security needs. By working with an MSSP, organizations can both ensure that their security posture is current with the latest services, but also scale up quickly to meet new demands by layering on additional capabilities like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and advanced endpoint security.

What do you need to consider before selecting an MSSP?

Ideally, an MSSP’s portfolio should be able to meet all of an organization’s security needs today and in the future. As a result, you should look for MSSPs that offer a comprehensive set of security services. In addition, those solutions should work together to increase threat intelligence, unified administration, and deliver comprehensive reporting. Working with an MSSP should reduce an organization’s operational burden – and be simple.

Many MSSPs today offer cloud managed, “plug and play” options for everything from firewalls to services like MFA and advanced endpoint security. Be sure you have visibility into these services through a centralized cloud-enabled platform. In addition, MSSPs that work with a smaller number of vendors may not only have better integration of services, but lower overhead costs and more time available for client service and support. Be wary of MSSPs offering siloed solutions. And finally, for some organizations, it’s important to have flexibility in how they pay for their security needs. Look for MSSPs that offer options, ranging from traditional up-front payments to subscription or pay as you go plans.

The need for security never stops; it only evolves and grows. This puts a premium on security that can scale. For MSSPs and the customers they serve, unified security platforms are the future. To learn more about what WatchGuard’s solutions (which you can get through MSSPs), click here.

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Miguel Carrero

Miguel Carrero

Vice President of Sales, Strategic Accounts, WatchGuard Technologies

Miguel Carrero leads the Strategic Accounts / Security Service Providers business. WatchGuard is the market leader in advanced end point protection, detection and response with threat hunting capabilities, networks security, multi-factor authentication and secure WiFi access.

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